affected by

is a piece with teenagers inspired by Dore Hoyers Affectos Humanos.


In the sixties, dancer and choreographer Dore Hoyer created the dance cycle Affectos Humanos at the age of fifty. The choreographies took shape while working in tandem with the composer Dimitri Wiatowitsch. Dore Hoyer created movements based on five human emotions: vanity, lust, hatred, fear and love. Each dance is a choreographed unit lasting three to four minutes. This was the only choreography of Dore Hoyer to be recorded as film and so it provides an opportunity for reconstruction by the ensuing generations. In affected by six young women engage themselves with this legacy. They try out the movements which are quite foreign to them and develop their own understanding of these five emotions by getting affected by them.


Concept and choreography: Gudrun Lange

Dance: Christina Bohmann, Minh Chau Cao, Lara Sadlo, Esther Schoenen, Victrice Teffel, Jodith Tesfaye

Live-Sounddesign + DJ: Christian Düchtel

Dramaturgy: Stefanie Fiedler

Assistence: Judit Abegg

Video on stage: bilderwilderer

Video/digital copyright, choreographic copyright: Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln

Video documentation: Michael Baumert


Premiere: May 27th 2009, Juta, Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf


Was realized with the help of: Take-off Junger Tanz. Tanzplan Düsseldorf, sponsored by Tanzplan Deutschland/Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Ministerpräsident des Landes NRW and Kunststiftung NRW. Tanzplan Düsseldorf is a cooperation by cultural, educational and social institutions in Düsseldorf under the direction of tanzhaus nrw.


After all it is about getting inspired by something (affected by), and not about imitating. The young girls are very expressive while being almost always amazingly precise. Modern elements from HipHop flow in without wanting to be desperately modern. This happens very naturally as if all by itself. There was a long enthusiastic applause for this "re-enactment", not only by friends and family.


Thomas Hag in Neue Rhein Zeitung am 29.05.2009