Schmutz [Dirt]


is an one hour solo for myself. It works with and about bodily aspects sensed in deficit. Mary Douglas, a British social anthropologist, who died last year, wrote: "There is no such thing as dirt; no single item is dirty apart from a particular system of classification in which it does not fit." It is exactly this deviation I take a closer look at. What would dirt be concerning the dancers body, the biological body, and the female body? Schmutz's dance vocabulary starts with classical ballet, Laban connotated spacial patterns and ends up with movement material from soft erotic clips. It takes a journey through the associated areas of fairytales, corporeal trial and table dance. Dealing with dirt means dealing with lust, compulsion, and disgust that leads to the productive side of an assumed source of irritation.


Concept, choreography, dance: Gudrun Lange

Dramaturgy: Kathi Loch

Internship: Malik Ibheis

Transporting the robot: Malik Ibheis, Nico Niot

Poster, flyer, photos: Eike Dingler

Lighting design: Stefan Staat, Denise Hoppe

Sound design: Marius Menschel

Video: Iskender Kökce


Premiere: Feb 15th 2006, Forum Freies Theater, Düsseldorf


Coproduced by Forum Freies Theater

Sponsored by Kunststiftung NRW


You can't stop smirking. [...], but what Gudrun Lange has created is a wonderful clownerie not missing artistic depth. Stoically, the dancer works her way through a piece which declares failure as principle, meaning it highlights the imperfect. [...] You haven't seen anything like that before.


Klaus M. Schmidt in Westdeutsche Zeitung, 17.02.06