tanz tafel


Once a month, the tanz tafel took place in our storefront in Düsseldorf Flingern. Our desks were turned into a long table, we cooked soup and extended an invitation to a collective discussion. In addition, a special guest was invited to speak about their work or their expertise in a certain area. At the dinner table, there was a relaxed, low-threshold communication situation, which brings together artists, audience members and interested parties, creates contact and enables an exchange of views.

Due to tanz langes production pauze in 2015 there will be no tanz tafel happening. But since we became big fans of this format we are sure: tanz tafel will be back!


Previous guests:


March 2013: Anna Eitzeroth, dramatic advisor for children’s and youth theatre


April 2013: Oliver Bedorf, musician


May 2013: Shop neighbours


June 2013: Kathrin Spaniol, Karen Bößer and all co-creators of the Heimspiel Düsseldorf! 2013 (Düsseldorf home game!) dance project


September 2013: Morgan Nardi, choreographer and performer


October 2013: Cornelia Beuel, journalist and author and team Wirtschaftsdepression - Dieser Begriff ist kein Zufall! (Economic depression - this term is no coincidence!)


November 2013: Rasmus Nordholt, musician


December 2013: tanz lange annual review


February 2014: Cultural education with Marlin de Haan, Lara Sadlo, Andreas Simon, Gudrun Lange


April 2014: Independent dance and theatre scene with Felix Bürkle, Jan Deck, Alexandra Schmidt, Michael Schmidt


May 2014: Sustainability with Sabina Stücker


June 2014: Solidarity with Megan and Jessica Kennedy alias Junk Ensemble, Chiku and Chito Lwambo alias Busara Dance Company und Professor Ronald Kurt


September 2014: Tracking Dance with Eike Dingler and Gudrun Lange


October 2014: A discussion about luck, stress and money with Judit Abegg and Ruth Hengel