Wiener Blut


In the 2009/10 season, the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra LSO entered into a partnership with the cantonal school in Seetal. One of the high points of this collaboration was planned to be the concert Intaktes für alle! on 22 June 2010: a double recital in the world-famous KKL Luzern concert hall with as many participating students of the partner school as possible. At the invitation of the music mediators of the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, Gudrun Lange was engaged to choreograph Wiener Blut by Johann Strauss. The musical programme was compiled with the idea, in terms of drama, of making the concert as a format the central theme. Committed to this idea, Gudrun Lange opened the performance space and next to the stage, the organ gallery, the choir gallery, the auditorium and the conductor’s rostrum were also presented with twenty one performers. The experience, performing before 1,300 sold-out seats, accompanied by an 80-piece orchestra, performing with a well-known conductor, was impressive.


Choreography: Gudrun Lange

Musicians: Luzerner Sinfonieorchester LSO

Director and conductor: Aleksey Igudesman

Artistic assistence: Judit Abegg

Performance: Rahel Amhof, Aby Argueta, Severin Bind, Laura Bolardini, Stefanie Eiholzer, Raffaella Felder, Izzem Gemici, Jeannine Gries, Milena Hebeisen, Stephanie Jung, Sebastian Jung, Livia Koch, Jessica Landolt, Loan Bui Kim, Beatrice Lütolf, Celina Rhonheimer, Sarah Schmid, Franca Schulthess, Ondra Schumacher, Andrea Sigrist, Joana Weibel, Stephanie Winiger

Coordination: Diana Lehnert


Premiere: June 22nd 2010, KKL Luzern